Episode 1.6 Positioning. Summary

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The Power of Positioning: A Clear Path to Success

In the previous 5 episodes of “Cement” starting with Episode 1.1, we delved deep into the concept of positioning and why it was crucial for individuals, organizations, and brands. We started by addressing a common cultural aspect in Belgium and the Netherlands, where standing out was often discouraged. This cultural norm was reflected in sayings like “Just be normal, that’s crazy enough” and “Go along with the group.” However, we challenged this norm by emphasizing the importance of taking a distinct position.

Positioning is the first block in the model of the 9 Building Blocks for Connection. While these blocks don’t have a strict order, positioning holds a special place at the beginning of the journey. It requires introspection and self-discovery, asking questions like “Who am I?” and “What do I stand for?” This process of self-definition is not casual; it’s a thoughtful exploration.

Revealing your true colours through positioning can be challenging because it involves making choices and, by doing so, not being somewhere else. Many fear that making choices will lead to missed opportunities, but, in reality, not choosing is losing. By taking a clear position, you stand out within a group of similar entities, whether they are organizations, teams, companies, or brands.

A clear position sets the stage for effective communication. Without a distinct position, organizations tend to copy competitors, resulting in generic expressions and actions. It’s essential to let stakeholders, both internally and externally, know where you stand and what your goals are. This clarity enables collaboration and helps everyone work toward common goals.

However, defining your position is not always easy. Questions like “What sets us apart?” and “What is our added value?” can be challenging to answer without falling into generalities. Visualizing the concept of “better” can help in this regard.

In summary, positioning is about standing out and revealing your true colors. It’s not about conformity but clarity. By defining who you are, what you stand for, and what sets you apart, you create a clear path for yourself and others. Not choosing is losing, and a well-defined position attracts those who resonate with your values and goals. It empowers teams within an organization and is essential for building meaningful connections.

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