Episode 1.2 – Positioning: Making Models Work for You (part 1 of 3)

Episode 1.2 

Positioning: Making Models Work for You part 1 of 3

 In this episode

 We dive deeper into the practical aspect of positioning. You’ll discover that the choice of a specific model or theory for positioning isn’t as crucial as the thoughtful consideration you put into it. We often use a blend of models to create a distinctive, solid, and clear positioning strategy.

We will include 3 model spotlights in this episode. One model in the spotlight is the Floor and Van Raaij Model, which distinguishes four types of positioning: informational, transformational, two-sided, and execution positioning. We’ll explore how each of these approaches can shape your brand’s identity and resonate with your target audience.

Another model, the MDC Model, developed by Riezebos and Van der Grinten, takes a schematic approach to describe your brand, target audience, and competition. We’ll discuss how this model can be adapted to not only position your brand but also your organization or team effectively.

Additionally, we’ll delve into McKinsey’s Brand Driver Model, focusing on value creation for your target audience and the crucial axes of relevance and differentiation. You’ll gain insights into how to strategically position your team to maximize its impact and stand out.

Sit back and enjoy as we explore these positioning models and uncover valuable insights for your journey toward a clear and effective position in the market.

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