Episode 0.1 – Preface – How to use the model of the 9 Building Blocks for Connection?

 In this episode

 We will unveil the power of the 9 Building Blocks for Connection, the transformative change model by Goes and Claassens. Discover how the cement, not just the blocks, is crucial for successful change and connection. The holistic approach emphasizes the interconnections between the blocks to form a solid strategy for reaching your goals. Each block contributes essential elements to the process.

In this episode we delve into each block, its application, and their interconnectedness. Learn to create a coherent and impactful change strategy for your organization. Share your experiences and connect with others for a positive effect.

For successful implementation, leadership commitment, effective communication, and collaboration among stakeholders are essential. Stay patient and celebrate successes to maintain motivation and momentum. Listen further to discover how to apply these steps and build stronger connections within your organization for lasting positive change.. . .

History teaches us that it’s not the strongest that survive, but those who can adapt the best.

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