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Nice to meet you.

Whether it's fresh ideas, innovative strategies, or effective changes, we're here to help you break out of the routine and achieve the desired results.


We are all different. And it's precisely that diversity we should embrace. Once we open ourselves to each other's perspectives and unique qualities, magic happens in collaboration, and we can accomplish mountains of work.

I connect, guide, and challenge. Always with a predetermined goal and in small steps. Because only then can we ensure the result is well anchored. Moreover, it's often the many small steps that together lead to a great end result.

Besides my work, I love running, enjoy cooking elaborate sugar-free meals, and occasionally perform with Take Eight.

handtekening mirjam

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When it comes to the bigger picture, you need to come to me, especially regarding the role of the manager in the process. I see patterns and connections that others didn't even realise were there at first.

Moreover, I always think several steps ahead. This not only helps you react to situations but also anticipate them and see the opportunities they present. When you turn goals into action, you make a difference for your team!

Outside of work, you can find me on the judo mat, enjoying a special beer with friends and family, and going on adventures with Roos.

handtekening Edwin

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With The Fur Factor, I serve as the cheerful improvement project facilitator and puppy consultant at Essentiedenkers. And naturally, I perceive things differently than humans do! Additionally, I bring something extra to the table: my soft and cuddly fur. With my innocent and energetic presence, I enhance business processes in a unique way. I have the ability to overcome resistance and engage and inspire team members to take action or increase their efforts.

Outside of work, I find joy in strolling through the forest with my little bosses, playing with the neighbourhood dogs, and indulging in plenty of cuddles.

pootje roos

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#Meeting Offline

You can meet us where?

Besides assignments and projects, you can find us as speakers at our own events or as guests.

Sweet Sixteen | Essentiedenkers (SOLD OUT)

April 15-16-17-18 | 4 webinars with the theme 'Achieving More? Looking at it Differently!'

Vachtkracht (The Fur Factor) | Hogeschool Inholland

April 19 | Guest lecture on the use of The Fur Factor in teams (Private)

Vachtkracht | Avans Hogeschool

May 17 | Guest lecture on the use of The Fur Factor in teams (Private)

Keukentafelsessie | Essentiedenkers

June 20 From 9 am till 1 pm, the full "Achieving More? Looking at it  Differently!" session. Email Mirjam for more information. Only 8 spots left.

Vachtkracht - Jouw baan mijn baan | Odulphus Lyceum

October 31 | Guest speaker on career, education, and work as we do it. In conversation with Roos and the students. (Private)

#Drinking Coffee Together


Let's make a plan! To see if we click and can further help each other. Roos enjoys puppychinos, Mirjam prefers latte macchiatos, and Edwin is an espresso drinker. And you? Give us a call, send an email or text, or schedule something right away.

Bosvelden 52, 2370 Arendonk +32 488 817 007

[email protected]

VAT BE 0896.492.311 - RPR Turnhout | Essentiedenkers is a trademark of GC2 bv.

#Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen

Whoever's having a birthday treats! Sign up for our 'Perspective Shifters', experience our approach, and guaranteed, you'll see your challenges differently afterwards.

4 short interactive online sessions where we challenge you to look differently so you can achieve more

April 15, 16, 17, and 18 from 8:45 am to 9 am

Because it's our birthday and when it's your birthday, you treat others 🥳

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Send an email by April 10 to Mirjam

Boek_PellenAmong all participants, we will raffle a copy of 'Pellen tot de kern'.


Onze gele bal staat symbool voor de kern, de essentie.

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