Everyone contributes their part


Everyone contributes their part

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9 Building Blocks for Connection

Our guideline for every solution

Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of an organization. The 9 Building Blocks for Connection serve as our guideline. 9 building blocks, their interconnection, and their undeniable positive impact on organizations. We reveal and create patterns, break them where necessary, or consciously maintain them. This way, we collectively build a sustainable foundation.

"Everyone focuses on the stones, but it's the cement that makes the connection."

Although the appearance of the 9 Building Blocks for Connection suggests that it's about the blocks, what truly matters lies almost invisibly in between. It's the cement that ensures the connection. We pay very close attention to the coherence between the blocks and to the indispensable connection.

The model is constructed in such a way that the end result fits perfectly with the organization's situation. Structures, therefore, vary from one another. But they always encompass the following blocks: positioning, advising, communicating, visualising, planning, budgeting, evaluating, adjusting, and securing.

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#Shifting Perspective

Shifting Perspective

The key to successfully addressing your challenges

Our approach harks back to the essence of an organisation, focusing on motivation and communication.

By doing, observing, learning, inspiring, and relaxing, we bring about change. We employ various creative methods tailored to the specific situation of your organization.

"Only when you dare to look differently, do you see more and come to new insights."

Whether it's hands-on activities, reflective sessions, or inspiring moments, we find the right mix that aligns with an organisation's needs.

For proper embedding, we encourage looking at challenges in a different way and focus on taking small steps forward that ultimately make a big difference together.


De sleutel tot het succesvol aanpakken van je uitdagingen

Onze benadering gaat terug naar de essentie van een organisatie, waarbij we focussen op motivatie en communicatie.

Door te doen, kijken, leren, inspireren en ontspannen, brengen we verandering teweeg. We passen diverse creatieve werkvormen toe, afgestemd op de specifieke situatie van jouw organisatie.

"Pas als je anders durft te kijken, zie je meer en kom je tot nieuwe inzichten."

Of het nu gaat om hands-on activiteiten, reflectieve sessies of inspirerende momenten, we vinden de juiste mix die aansluit bij de behoeften van een organisatie.

Voor de juiste borging, moedigen we aan om op een andere manier naar uitdagingen te blijven kijken en zetten we in op kleine stapjes voorwaarts die uiteindelijk samen ook een groot verschil maken.

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#The Fur Factor

The Fur Factor (Vachtkracht)

The visualisation of behavior and counterbehavior.

The combination of words, credibility, experience, motivation, and timing ultimately brings about a change. We translated these principles into an interactive and dynamic form of communication: The Fur Factor. This unique approach guides you and your team towards synergy in four steps.

Learn more about The Fur Factor>>

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#Sweet Sixteen

Sweet sixteen

Whoever's having a birthday treats! Sign up for our 'Perspective Shifters', experience our approach, and guaranteed, you'll see your challenges differently afterwards.

4 short interactive online sessions where we challenge you to look differently so you can achieve more

April 15, 16, 17, and 18 from 8:45 am to 9 am

Because it's our birthday and when it's your birthday, you treat others 🥳

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