Inspiration is the catalyst for forging both literal and metaphorical connections

Discover books with uniquely insightful perspectives that challenge and inspire.

Each book is a journey, offering a distinctive lens through which to view the world and your own growth. Whether it's delving into innovative leadership, exploring the dynamics of change, or unlocking the secrets of successful teams, our collection of books is designed to provide you with fresh insights and perspectives.

These books aren't just about information; they're about transformation. They encourage you to question, reflect, and apply new ideas to your personal and professional life. Dive into a world of diverse viewpoints and thought-provoking concepts, where each page holds the potential to reshape your understanding and fuel your journey of continuous learning.

In the realm of these unique perspectives, you'll find the keys to unlocking creativity, fostering connection, and navigating the complexities of the human side of change. Join us on this literary adventure, where every book is a gateway to new connections and transformative insights.


9 Building Blocks for Connection - The Secret Behind Successful Teams

Inspiring Leadership, the Cement for Successful Teams

A well-functioning team is like a solid structure, with its foundation resting on one indispensable element: connection. This concept forms the core of our strategic sessions, known as "Cement," exploring meticulously the nine essential building blocks that strengthen it.

The accompanying book provides detailed insights into these blocks, encouraging active participation through practical exercises, proven advice, and unique fill-in sheets. By using unique approaches and methodologies, the book uncovers the core of each problem, paving the way for sustainable solutions. The success story led to the creation of the revolutionary management model "9 Building Blocks for Connection."

Currently available in Dutch, the "Cement" book is accessible in English through our "Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook," serving as an eLearning gateway to these valuable insights.

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"Enlightening and beautifully illustrated. Because a picture often speaks louder than a thousand words."
Bram Couwberghs - Worldwide PS Industry Director | Microsoft

Cement - The Listen and Learn Audiobook

Your e-Learning Variant of Our Strategic Sessions

Inspirational Strategic Sessions: deepening and tailoring

Explore the eLearning variant of our strategic sessions with the "Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook.

Learn and develop at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule. This audiobook brings the value of strategic sessions directly to your ears, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you want. Covering the essence of strategic sessions, it shares deep insights on strategy, positioning, visualization, feedback, and more. The audiobook is not just informative but practical, with exercises and model spotlights for immediate application in your professional life.

Currently available in English, the audiobook offers new insights and knowledge every 14 days.

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Pellen tot de kern

372 Tips for Your Organization, Motivation, and Communication

The reader to broaden your horizons

In the whirlwind of daily life, creating meaningful changes can seem daunting. If you find yourself longing for a deeper understanding of your organization and personal growth, "Pellen tot de kern" is the book you need.

This practical hardcover book is designed for easy reading, encouraging you to reserve moments daily for profound reflections on fundamental aspects of your organization, motivation, and communication.

This practical hardcover book, compact in A5 size with 400 pages, is designed for easy reading, much like a novel. It encourages you to set aside a few moments every day for profound reflections on the fundamental aspects of your organization, motivation, and communication.

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Vachtkracht (Fur Factor)

Visualisation of Behaviour and Counter-Behaviour

Roos, the pup with the Fur Factor for improvement projects

Roos (Rose), our adorable Golden Retriever pup, brings a unique dimension to improvement projects with her 'Vachtkracht.'

Beyond being a visual presence, her cuddly fur and cheerful presence allow team members to physically and emotionally feel her. Roos engages teams in an unconventional way, inspiring them to look at challenges and choices differently.

Her role as a 'pup consultant' demonstrates that even the most unexpected participants can be invaluable in promoting growth and transformation in organizations.

The next time you embark on an improvement project, consider involving Roos and her Fur Factor as an unconventional but effective source of inspiration.


The book 'Vachtkracht, the Visualisation of Behaviour and Counter-Behaviour' is currently in development.