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Growing, primarily, involves combining your own wisdom and knowledge with seeking help when needed. Help comes in various forms and sizes, whether it's a teacher, coach, friend, family member, or a good book. Effective help takes you a step further and challenges you to do something just outside your comfort zone. We all know that it's precisely there where new connections, both literally (in your brain) and figuratively, are formed.

To assist you on this journey, we have written two books so far. One book challenges you to look at different situations in a new light, while the other builds upon that philosophy, teaching you how to establish effective connections.

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Connections are the secret sauce in teams

Cementing Connections: Unveiling the backbone of high-performing teams

A well-functioning team is like a solid structure, with its foundation resting on one indispensable element: connection. This concept is at the core of our strategic sessions. We refer to this vital element as "Cement" and closely examine the nine essential building blocks that reinforce it.

These nine building blocks, known as the "9 Building Blocks for Connection," form the essence of every challenge organizations encounter. What makes this philosophy so powerful is the way in which Cement and these building blocks collaborate to generate a positive impact for organisations.

The accompanying book provides detailed insights into the nine building blocks that underpin success and reveals how they relate to each other. Readers are encouraged to actively engage with the material through practical exercises, proven advice, and unique fill-in canvases. This empowers everyone to tackle their specific challenges and create a positive impact on their organization.

By using unique approaches and methodologies, the core of each issue is unveiled in a pleasantly light-hearted manner, paving the way for the development of sustainable solutions. This success story led to the creation of the revolutionary management model "9 Building Blocks for Connection," serving as the foundation for forging successful and cohesive collaborations within organizations.

It's worth noting that the book "Cement" is currently available exclusively in Dutch. However, for those interested in exploring its content in English, the audiobook in the form of eLearning offers a bridge to access these valuable insights.

Pellen tot de kern

peeling to the core

"Peeling to the Core": A Journey to Expand Your Horizons

In the whirlwind of our daily lives, the idea of bringing about meaningful change can often appear as a formidable challenge. We all yearn to foster positive transformations within our organizations and ourselves, but the demands of our hectic schedules frequently leave us with limited opportunities to explore fresh perspectives.

If you're seeking a deeper understanding of your organization and personal growth, yet you find it challenging to set aside time for weighty textbooks or struggle with applying theory to real-life situations, "Peeling to the Core" is the book you've been waiting for.

This practical, hardcover, A5-sized book with 400 pages is designed for easy reading, allowing you to dedicate a few moments each day to profound contemplation about the fundamental aspects of your organization, your motivation, and your communication.

Please note that "Peeling to the Core" is exclusively available in Dutch.

Cement - The Listen and Learn Audiobook

Your Own e-Learning Version of Our Strategic Sessions

Inspiring strategic sessions: depth and tailoring

Discover the eLearning Version of Our Strategic Sessions: the 'Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook.' Learn and develop yourself at the moments that best suit your busy schedule.

Dynamic Learning at Your Own Pace
With our audiobook, we bring the value of strategic sessions directly to your ears. No fixed schedule or obligations, as we understand that your time is precious. Whether you're commuting to work, working out, or relaxing in the evening, this audiobook offers you the freedom to learn whenever you want.

Inspiring Insights
This audiobook encompasses the essence of strategic sessions, sharing deep insights on strategy, positioning, visualisation, giving feedback, and more. Learn from experts in the field of business strategy in an engaging and understandable manner.

Practical Applications
This listening experience is not just informative; it's also practical. Many of the episodes include exercises and spotlight relevant models so you can apply everything directly to your professional life. This way, you build step by step toward your own strategic success.

Personal Growth
'Cement - The Listen and Learn Audiobook' is your personal growth partner. It guides you on your journey to more effective decision-making, goal-oriented strategies, and successful implementations.

Invest in your development on your terms. Subscribe now to 'Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook' now and learn at the time that suits you best. Listen to one of the episode excerpts below and subscribe to the series.

In total, we offer more than 16 hours of material, numerous exercises, and over 25 model spotlights. Currently, the audiobook is only available in English, with a new episode filled with fresh insights and knowledge every 14 days.