Getting more out of our book


Getting more out of our book


You may have bought our book, Peeling to the core (“Pellen tot de kern”). It is about day to day tips on communication, organisation and motivation. This is the triangle -we see it more as a circle- in where we operate.

It is about making a difference. But due to the issues of the day you often don’t get around to doing things differently. So we suggest to take small steps. Small steps together also make a big difference. And that does not always have to take long. Inspiring quotes are interspersed with reflection questions, serious and light-hearted assignments. Or with 1 of the 90 theories and models that the book describes.

But you don’t have to follow the book by the letter. Please be inventive and adjust some of the content. We will show you how. 😉


Focus is on how to make changes by taking small steps on an everyday base.

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It is for people who have bought the book already, but also for those who didn’t yet. So for everybody? Yes, as long as you are interested in doing things differently. Either because it is your nature, or because you want to learn it. We will take you along 3 of the other ways to use the book.

Use the book to:

    1. Change the flow of your meetings. With exercises in the book the meeting members are challenged to participate in a different way. More involved, more motivated, more interested.
    2. Create a base for a workshop or training.
    3. Inspire your co-workers. Either with inspiring quotes or with tiny challenges to the outside of their comfort zone.

In this inspiration session We show you how you can make a difference even by taking only small steps. Because those small steps together
ultimately make the big difference!


  • Mode

    Inspiration session | Keynote | Discussion intro

  • Length

    As an inspiration session or keynote 45-60 min. As an intro 15-20 minutes

  • Interaction

    Yes, in every group size we have interaction

  • Presenting languages

    English, Deutsch, Nederlands

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