Community building, be careful what you wish for.


Community building, be careful what you wish for.


Building a community within your organisation. How do you want that to be? How do you visualise the people? Like fans? In what way? Fanatic, like hooligans? Emotional, like schoolgirls? Or in an other way? How can you achieve such a fanbase? What do you need to have? Or what do you need to do? And why do you want it in the first place?

In my story I take you along the path of building communities. Show you that it is not a hat trick, not an app but energy, commitment, honesty and being realistic. I show you that it can be done.


Focus is on the human factor (behaviour) of building communities vs the technical solutions.

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Managements do want employees to be dedicated and friends of the organisation. Most of the time the communication department has to do the trick. How can they fulfil this task? What do they need (to do)?

How can you make the public to become your friend of fan? First of all. Being a friend or fan is not a well thought through decision. It’s about emotions. It is a relationship. You have to seduce. You have to do the dance. It’s really not about making people believe in your organisation’s mission and values, but rather making them connect in mutual believes, in mutual happiness. In mutual emotions.

I connect with you because you try harder.
I connect with you because you take the time and energy to know me.

Building communities is about building relationships. Building communities is about a group that I want to be part of. Because I can reflect on certain people and because I can reject certain people. E.g. like in the jury of Some Country Got Talent; you can always relate to one or more jury members. At the same time another jury member has a total opposite opinion. Still you will connect to him. Why? . . . .

I will take you along the path of do’s and don’ts in community building, in relationship management. I will make you experience in what can and can not be done.


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    Inspiration session | Keynote | Discussion intro

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    As an inspiration session or keynote 45-60 min. As an intro 15-20 minutes

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    Yes, even in the keynote there are moments of interaction

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