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We want to inspire, that's why we publish. And we present too. We believe that sharing knowledge is something everyone should do. After all, no one is an island. Furthermore, one idea sets the next one in motion. Keep moving and get inspired through our blogs, longreads, presentations, or at our events. And in turn, inspire others as well.

We write, photograph, and film everything ourselves. Therefore, we hold all (author's) rights. When we are inspired by others, we always mention that.


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Inspiring Stories: Listen to Transformation

At our company, it's all about the human side of change, and now we want to inspire you through podcasts as well. Whether you enjoy listening to long stories or prefer exploring a complete series in the form of an audiobook, we have something for everyone.

Our bestseller, "Cement," is now available in an immersive audio version, for which we request a small contribution. So, put on your headphones, plug in your earbuds, and let yourself be carried away during a relaxing walk or in the comfort of your car as you listen to our captivating stories. We invite you to enjoy and learn while you listen. Have fun!

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Meet, Share, Act

We warmly invite you to take part in our captivating events or to experience splendid moments together with us during gatherings organized by others. Whether it's about inspiring presentations, expert moderation, or targeted strategic sessions, together with you, we elevate every event to a higher level.

Let's create unforgettable experiences together and write successful stories side by side! Will you join us?


February 16 - The Story of Cement (full)

March 10 - Kitchen Table Session (private)

April 28 - Just tossing around a ball (full)

May 19 - Riding, Resting, Relaxing, and Reviewing (Liège-Aachen-Maastricht)

May 24 - The Story of Cement (full)

June 9 - Kitchen Table Session (full)

September 15 - Kitchen Table Session (full)

September 29 - Riding, Resting, Relaxing, and Reviewing (Dutch Peat Area) (full)

October 16 - Corporate Innovation (InHolland University of Applied Sciences - private)

November 23 - Riding, Resting, Relaxing, and Reviewing (Veluwe - Zwolle) (full)

December 1 - The Story of Cement (Avans Hogeschool - private)

December 8 - Kitchen Table Session


March 22 - Riding, Resting, Relaxing, and Reviewing (Dutch Peat Area)

April 19 - Kitchen Table Session

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