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What you have to learn to do, you learn by doing - Aristotle

Are you tired of good plans that end up in the closet anyway? We are too! It's a waste of energy, time, and investment. That's exactly why we're here to guide you. Brace yourself for a bold approach, packed with practical explanations, proven advice, and exercises you can immediately apply. Together with you, we challenge the status quo. And together, we embark on a journey of transformative growth.

Think of our support as those trusty training wheels you had when you first learned to ride a bike. We'll be there, guiding you until you're ready to fly on your own. But hey, if you decide to specialize in a certain area, we'll be right by your side again, connecting you with the expertise you need. It's time to break free from the ordinary and unlock your true potential. Join us now and experience the thrill of unstoppable progress!

For leaders, for teams, or for the entire organization, we assist in connecting, changing, and growing!

Ben je moe van goede plannen die toch in de kast belanden? Wij ook! Zonde van de energie, tijd en investering. Dat is precies waarom we hier zijn om jullie te begeleiden. Zet je schrap voor een gedurfde aanpak, boordevol praktische uitleg, bewezen adviezen en oefeningen die jullie meteen kunnen toepassen. Samen met jullie dagen wij de status quo uit. En samen beginnen wij aan een reis van transformerende groei.

Zie onze ondersteuning als die vertrouwde zijwieltjes die je had toen je voor het eerst leerde fietsen. We zullen er zijn en jullie begeleiden totdat jullie klaar zijn om in je eentje te vliegen. Maar hey, als je besluit je te specialiseren in een bepaald gebied, staan we meteen weer aan je zijde om je te verbinden met de expertise die je nodig hebt. Het is tijd om los te komen van het gewone en je ware potentieel te ontsluiten. Doe nu mee en ervaar de opwinding van onstuitbare vooruitgang!

Project ondersteuning

Een totaaloplossing voor jouw (groei)vraagstuk

Soms is het handig om bij dat ene project wat meer hulp van buiten te vragen. In welke fase jullie team of project ook verkeert: wij halen het maximale eruit door anders te kijken en samen te bouwen aan een duurzame oplossing. Voor zowel jullie unieke karakters als de doelstelling van jullie project. De 9BBfC in combinatie met onze giraffenblik en fika-momenten zijn de oplossing voor jouw (groei)vraagstuk!

Je krijgt:
  • twee ervaren adviseurs die jou het werk uit handen nemen
  • een strategisch adviesplan met doeltreffende middelen
  • een flow in het (project)team waar iedereen gaat voor resultaat

Meer lezen

    9 building blocks for connection

    The solution for your (change) issues

    Change model

    We have summarized our years of knowledge and expertise in the "9 Building Blocks for Connection." With this model for change, we uncover patterns, create or break them where necessary, or maintain them when appropriate.

    Throughout this process, we always start from the strength of each individual and approach the (new) situation as a collective entity in which everyone plays a distinct role. It is through this approach that connections are forged. And this is crucial for successful growth.

    The 9 blocks together constitute a successful change strategy to reach the desired goal. Since a (growth) process isn't linear and its elements influence each other, we deliberately opted for blocks. We construct these blocks in a way that the end result aligns perfectly with your specific situation.

    While constructing, we focus on the essence of each block and peel away layers until we reach the core. Fortunately, visual thinking and working are second nature to us, making abstract concepts truly come to life. We can draw from a wealth of existing and self-developed effective practices.

    Book Tip

    New connections arise just outside your comfort zone. Literally, in your brain, and figuratively. To assist you in making new connections, we have written 2 books up until now. One that challenges you to look at various situations differently.

    And one that builds on that mindset, explaining how to establish effective connections.

    More about the books

    Strategic Sessions

    Where ideas unleash action and drive progress

    Inspiring Strategic Sessions: Depth and Customisation

    For those seeking deeper insights and immediately applicable tools tailored to specific needs, challenging strategic sessions offer the ultimate solution.

    "Practical, current, and infused with realism. Participants have gained valuable knowledge in a short period. Mirjam and Edwin jointly deliver a dynamic and diverse session, creating an open and stimulating atmosphere."

    If the exercises in the book "Cement" have inspired you and you wish to delve further into specific aspects of the 9 Building Blocks for Connection model, these customized strategic sessions are designed just for you.

    In as little as a half or a full day, you'll receive a substantial dose of energy and information that can be directly applied in practice. For example, you'll learn how to transform the challenges you encounter into opportunities and discover how to concretely envision your future together.

    Whether it's a deeper dive into positioning or feedback models, a strategic session will take you and your team a significant step forward. While existing sessions may be available, the common practice is to have one tailored specifically for your team or organization. This way, you can maximize the benefits of this enriching experience, finely tuned to meet your specific business needs.

    Cement - The Listen and Learn Audiobook

    Your Own e-Learning Version of Our Strategic Sessions

    Inspiring strategic sessions: depth and tailoring

    Discover the eLearning Version of Our Strategic Sessions: the 'Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook.' Learn and develop yourself at the moments that best suit your busy schedule.

    Dynamic Learning at Your Own Pace
    With our audiobook, we bring the value of strategic sessions directly to your ears. No fixed schedule or obligations, as we understand that your time is precious. Whether you're commuting to work, working out, or relaxing in the evening, this audiobook offers you the freedom to learn whenever you want.

    Inspiring Insights
    This audiobook encompasses the essence of strategic sessions, sharing deep insights on strategy, positioning, visualization, giving feedback, and more. Learn from experts in the field of business strategy in an engaging and understandable manner.

    Practical Applications
    This listening experience is not just informative; it's also practical. Many of the episodes include exercises and spotlight relevant models so you can apply everything directly to your professional life. This way, you build step by step toward your own strategic success.

    Personal Growth
    The 'Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook' is your personal growth partner. It guides you on your journey to more effective decision-making, goal-oriented strategies, and successful implementations.

    Invest in your development on your terms. Subscribe now to 'Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook' now and learn at the time that suits you best. Listen to one of the episode excerpts below and subscribe to the series.

    In total, we offer more than 16 hours of material, numerous exercises, and over 25 model spotlights. Currently, the audiobook is only available in English, with a new episode filled with fresh insights and knowledge every 14 days.


    A must for all of us

    The delightful (and effective) social practice from Scandinavia. Consciously taking time to catch up over a cup of coffee and something sweet. The power of this moment lies in the fact that it's intentionally scheduled. As a result, you can truly maintain your social contacts. Paying attention to each other and creating a connection. It's only logical that we've adopted this cultural phenomenon.

    Shall we plan a fika moment together soon?

    Let's plan a fika moment.

    Giraffe's perspective

    Our helicopter view, but more down-to-earth and effective

    The giraffe lives exactly as we work. Its field of vision secretly extends beyond what you and we initially see. Of course, this is also due to its long and very flexible neck. As a result, its view is very comprehensive. The giraffe hardly has any enemies; it lives in symbiosis with its environment. That's why it's always cool to see a giraffe. It's curious in a non-intrusive way and always at a respectful distance, so your freedom of movement is respected.

    And yes, it has to stick its neck out! But we also like to do that. To help you grow further.

    Harold, our cool comic antihero

    Have you already met our cool comic antihero? As an illustrated friend, you might unexpectedly come across Harold!

    • in your book as a bookmark in your mailbox
    • when a baby is born
    • as a coloring page at the judo club in Arendonk
    • among the gifts during the December month
    • as a coloring page to kickstart the summer
    • instead of a real bouquet of flowers