Riding, resting, relaxing and reviewing (Dutch peat bog area – Hollands veengebied))

Essentiedenkers event

March 22 2024

Riding, Resting, Relaxing, and Reviewing

Several times a year, we embark on a road trip with fellow manager motorcyclists. We ride together, free from the distractions of phones, colleagues, or schedules. During the stops, we exchange ideas with each other. While on the rides, there's an opportunity to further contemplate these ideas. At the next stop, we can then review.

The solitude on the motorcycle creates distance from distractions and fosters creativity. The rhythmic movement and sensory stimuli generate a unique mental state where ideas flourish. Motorcycle adventures lead to fresh perspectives. Navigating the road builds resilience and adaptability, valuable skills for the dynamic business landscape, all while discovering unexpected places and new people.

So, if you have a motorcycle license and a desire for an inspiring journey, join us!

What can you expect?

Off-grid, meaning without mobile phones or radio, we'll ride an interesting route together. We'll have a stop every 75-90 minutes to converse and inspire each other.

Time: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Location: Starting location to be determined in consultation with participants.
Route: Starting point yet to be decided.
Destination: Dutch peat bog area.
Number of participants: Maximum of 5 motorcycles.
Cost: €425 per person. Lunch and dinner included. (Drinks and fuel are at your own expense).

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