Change successfully

We are the Essence thinkers (Essentiedenkers)

Do you want to change successfully? Then connection with your target group is crucial. As true partners, we advise and teach you the best strategy for your organization.

Are you facing an innovative challenge or culture change? Or does the assignment of a team or the team itself change in terms of formation? We surprise you with an approach that no one can ignore!

No change without connection

one is two, two is one

Meet het team.





We can help you with this.

Because real partners work together on the change!

Clarifying the need for change

The why, how, who, what and more...

Creating support for change in your organization

Watching, listening, and getting people involved

Create, experience and walk the talk

Strategy, implementation, and model behaviour

Cultural changes in mergers

How 2 families grow into a new family

Assisting you as an externally involved partner

To help or coach you

Train you to learn and do it yourself

Learning to successfully guide changes yourself
"We are so happy with your work and positive energy over the past few weeks. Unraveling Satelligence's DNA together with you was incredibly fun and educational. Result: a kick ass corporate story to better position Satelligence!"
Sacha de Graaf – Satelligence
"Sparring with them yields new insights, creative solutions and surprising conclusions. Because of their ability to constantly question their own insights and explore new paths, working with Edwin and Mirjam is always surprising"
Paul Sebregts - Director at Woningstichting St. Joseph (Weert-Stramproy)
"Committed and critical! Make a solid contribution to the restart of the project in a decisive way. Advice related to the entire implementation strategy, so that we could really take steps."
Esther van den Hende – then project manager PoZoB, now lecturer nursing at Fontys