Do you want to achieve more? Start now by looking at things differently!

Would you like to achieve more? Some things are simple. Take, for example, having a cup of coffee at my parents’ place. As soon as we want to visit them, we know that a two-hour one-way trip awaits. Whether we like it or not, that’s just how it is. Of course, we make the journey as pleasant as possible. For the children, and therefore for ourselves too. 😉 Sometimes, we receive help from others in this endeavour.

For instance, none other than MsNosy shows us that a seemingly dull road like the A2 can actually be quite interesting. In an educational and enjoyable manner, she provides information to children and adults about things you encounter along the way, without needing to leave the motorway. Thanks to MsNosy, I saw the wooden giraffe with a scarf near Boxtel for the first time after all these years!

So you see, if you’re willing to look at things differently, you’ll see so much more! And this becomes much easier when you have someone who challenges you to momentarily set aside your own perspective. Just like what MsNosy does on the highway, we do the same when guiding teams: The end goal is fixed, but we make the journey there as pleasant as possible.


“How pleasant is the journey to their (new) destination for your employees?”


Have you ever asked yourself how pleasant the journey to their (new) destination is for your employees? Do you hear the reactions from the kids in the back seat: “Where are we?” “Is it still far?” “Mom, he’s bothering me.” “I’m hungry”… Employees do the exact same thing. But you can involve them in the journey. Do it right, and a sense of ownership and involvement will emerge. And that’s necessary if you want to be successful.

Our children were certainly engaged with MsNosy as well. And that’s definitely because of the way she tells and asks things. This interaction creates a connection with the app, but also with the occupants! However, once we arrived at grandma and grandpa’s, the app quickly made way for hugs, cheerful conversations, tea, and cookies. Some things are simple. 😉





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