Which Surprise Box Will You Choose?

He returned from the library, brimming with joy. “Look, Mom, I got to choose a ‘By Good Luck Book.’ The only thing I know is that it’s about nature and a wondrous story,” he exclaimed. With excitement, he unwrapped the book. Not long after, he inspired me to embark on a similar venture for our anniversary. After all, it’s the birthday celebrant who treats. And surprises and Essence Thinkers go hand in hand… 😉

Surprises compel you to pause for a moment. They push you toward self-reflection. You’ll begin to perceive things from a different perspective and, as a result, might take new paths. Surprises also sharpen your focus. Anything that deviates from your expectations is noticed more swiftly and remembered better.

A small snag arises… you can’t surprise yourself. Someone else has to do that. You need someone who challenges you. Especially now, as the necessity to approach things differently for greater outcomes becomes more imperative. So, draw inspiration from that colleague, your neighbor, the stranger at the supermarket, or from one of our surprise boxes that we’re gifting. Truly, your world will become richer and more beautiful.

You can, however, surprise someone else. After reading the first two paragraphs, you recognize the significance of that. How often do you surprise others? And how do you do it? If their reactions aren’t as anticipated, remember that everyone is open to surprises to varying degrees. Research indicates that generally, the stronger your foundation in life, the better equipped you are to handle surprises.

And that, I think, is a wonderful note to conclude this anniversary blog on. Because I adore surprises. Receiving them. Giving them. So, before publishing this blog, I quickly pedaled to our village library to surprise them. Without them, there would be no blog, and you wouldn’t have the option to choose a surprise box. Happy birthday to us 😉