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Connection, Growth, and Transformation
We are Essentiedenkers, where we embrace the power of human connections to inspire leaders, unite teams, and transform organizations. In a world constantly evolving, we believe in embracing these challenges as exciting opportunities. At Essentiedenkers, people are at the core of everything we do, be it sustainability, well-being, innovation, or technology.

Connect, grow, and transform with Essentiedenkers


How We Work

Our Approach

Deep connection and practical transformation, our approach

At Essentiedenkers, our approach goes beyond words; we believe in weaving human stories at the core of success. Whether deepening leadership, optimising team dynamics, or strengthening connections within organisations, our specialised training elevates performance to new heights. Explore how we work, offered in three different intensity forms:

  • Sniffing Around: Discovering with inspiration

    • Taking the Lead: Co-leading together

    • Dogsbody: Hands-on guidance with depth

      Sniffing Around: Discovering with inspiration

      Duration: From half an hour to several half-days

      Explore the world of change with presentations, discussions, or an inspiring keynote, providing a light but impactful introduction to the power of our approach.

      Whether we explore the world of change with or without Roos (depending on your preference), this first step is an introduction to the power of our approach.

      Taking the Lead: Co-leading together

      Time Investment: 80 to 160 hours, depending on complexity

      Take the lead in exploring successes and opportunities for quick improvements.

      Joint research is supported by thorough analysis, resulting in a work plan for immediate implementation, focusing on one of the nine specific topics.

      Dogsbody: Hands-on guidance with depth

      Minimum Time Investment: 300 hours, depending on the situation and complexity

      Originally, "Dogsbody" meant the food for hard workers aboard a ship. At Essentiedenkers, this translates into hands-on guidance.

      In addition to conducting research, analysis, and work plans, we implement it for you and simultaneously allow you to gain firsthand experience. To ensure it's not a one-time action, we invest ample time in securing the entirety.

      Our approach is based on experiential new behaviour, with the time investment varying but amounting to a minimum of 300 hours, depending on the situation and complexity.

      9 building blocks for connection

      The Solution for Your Change Challenge

      Our years of knowledge, expertise, and experiences have culminated in the "9 Building Blocks for Connection." This change model unveils patterns, provides the ability to create them, break them where necessary, or sustain them.

      These nine blocks form a powerful tool for a successful change strategy, tailored to achieve the desired goal. As growth processes are rarely linear, and elements constantly influence each other, we deliberately chose blocks. We build them in a way that perfectly aligns the end result with your specific situation.

      This model is not a rigid framework; it is a dynamic and flexible instrument that adapts to the complexity of change. Together with you, we build a solid foundation, ensuring the connections we create are sustainable and align with the unique needs of your situation.

      The 9 Building Blocks for Connection model is described in the book "Cement."

      The Essentiedenkers-Experience Unveiled in "Cement - Listen and Learn Audiobook"

      "Inspirational strategic sessions: Deepening and customisation"

      Strategic Sessions

      Inspiring, deepening and customisation

      Embark on a journey of profound insights and tailored experiences with our "Inspirational Strategic Sessions." Designed for those seeking a deeper understanding and practical tools customised to specific needs, these challenging sessions offer the ultimate solution.

      "Practical, timely, and infused with realism. Participants gain valuable knowledge in a short time. Mirjam and Edwin deliver a dynamic and diverse session, creating an open and stimulating atmosphere."

      If the exercises in the book "Cement" have inspired you and you want to delve deeper into specific aspects of the "9 Building Blocks for Connection" model, these customised strategic sessions are crafted just for you.

      In just half or a full day, you'll receive a tremendous boost of energy and information directly applicable in practice. Learn how to transform challenges into opportunities and concretise your collective vision for the future. Whether it's a deep dive into positioning or feedback models, a strategic session propels you and your team significantly forward. While these sessions may already exist, it's customary to tailor one specifically for your team or organisation, maximising the enriching experience tailored to your business needs.

      Discover the power of transformative growth with Essentiedenkers. Contact us to schedule your unique strategic session.


      (the Fur Factor)

      The Visualisation of Behaviour and Counter-Behaviour

      A profound dynamic in behaviour

      Vachtkracht is more than just action and reaction; it is the visualisation of behaviour and counter-behaviour, a fundamental building block that develops in every life phase and situation. Roos, our colleague, uniquely illustrates this power. Whether a small puppy, a young dog, or an older dog, Vachtkracht continues to work, albeit with different manifestations. The key advantage of Vachtkracht lies not so much in mirroring but in visualising the dynamics and how they evolve.

      Communication is a multilingual dance

      Direct communication with Roos requires a multilingual but consistent approach. Word usage, hand signals, and body language must together convey a reinforcing message. Roos reads this message and acts accordingly. Each element contributes to a harmonious interaction without letting any one dominate.

      The essential element is timing

      Timing and the sequence of actions are crucial. For example, if Roos is chasing a ball, she has no attention for other signals. Communicating at that moment is limited, unless with louder signals like a whistle. Timing determines success in understanding and executing desired behaviour.

      The four steps to harmony with the Vachtkracht-Connection Model

      The "Vachtkracht-Connection model" includes the following steps:

      1. Attention -> Curiosity
      2. Trust -> Motivation
      3. Message -> Execution
      4. Reward -> Connection

      Why do we use this model with dogs?
      Because animals, especially dogs, require a different form of communication than humans. While people often try to convince others with words, it is the combination of words, credibility, experience, and motivation that brings about actual change.


      Vachtkracht-Connection Model

      © Essentiedenkers
      Blog_Maxitwo dogs as an example of non toxic leadershipImageImageImageImage

      Vachtkracht is our unique approach to translating these principles into an interactive and dynamic form of communication.



      Tailored Solutions

      At Essentiedenkers, we believe in customisation because every situation is unique. Here are our rates for various Vachtkracht interventions:

      Introduction (Indoor)

      On-location introduction. No special requirements. Introduction to Roos. | Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours (half-day) | Investment: €250

      Sniffing Stage (Indoor)

      Theoretical deepening, interaction with Roos, timing, and visual communication. | Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours (half-day) | Investment: €500

      Sniffing and Moving (Indoor & Outdoor)

      Vachtkracht theory, practical experience with Roos, connection, and enrichment. | Duration: 5 - 6 hours | Investment: €1,250 Customized rates are available for small teams or groups upon request.

      Customised rates are available for small teams or groups upon request.



      Tailored Solutions

      At Essentiedenkers, we believe in customization because every situation is unique. Here are our rates for various Vachtkracht interventions:

      For schools

      3 customised programs: 1. for toddlers and preschoolers | 2. children up to about 12 years | 3. teenagers. | Price on request.

      For the Elderly (Associations or Care Institutions)

      Program "I Give You a Rose, My Rose" with encounters with Roos for stories, experiences, and memories. Ranging from listening and talking to lightly active activities like walking. | Suitable for small to very small groups. | Price on request. 

      Special rates are available for schools, associations, and care institutions.

      Pay it forward visit

      Consider the possibility of sponsoring a visit from Roos to a school or care institution as an organization, bridging the gap to community engagement.

      For detailed information or inquiries, feel free to contact us. We are happy to adapt to your specific needs and situation.

      Who are we?

      our team



      Your guide in change

      Every change begins with that one small, cautious step. Here at Essentiedenkers, I believe in the powerful domino effect of that initial movement. If there's one person encouraging others to take that step, providing space and safety, that person is me.

      My Approach: Space, Safety, and Reflection

      My mission is clear: to create motivation, guide others in their first steps, and let them experience what that seemingly small movement can achieve, not just for themselves but also for their team members. Reflection is the core of my approach, where we together examine the impact of these initial steps. But I don't stop there.

      Lasting Results and Connection

      My personal drive shines through: instilling the realization in others that we are all different, that diversity is valuable when we open ourselves to each other's perspectives. I strongly believe in the unique qualities everyone possesses and their positive contribution to teamwork. I see more potential than people often see in themselves and have the skill to guide and challenge them. I connect concrete actions with set goals, aiming for lasting results.

      I See My Role as a Guide and Challenger

      I am like the training wheels when learning to ride a bike. I help, support, and guide until they can do it themselves. But I don't let go until the skill is acquired. It's my unique strength to help others grow, to extract the maximum from themselves and their colleagues. Together, we make a difference, and I am the driving force behind that collective growth.

      Don't worry if you don't know exactly how to do it. I'm here to help, inspire, and witness how others can develop on their growth path.


      mirjam (at)
      T: +32 (0) 488 817 007


      Your guide in the bigger picture

      When it comes to the bigger picture, you've come to me. I am a strategist through and through. I discern patterns and draw connections that others initially didn't even realise were there. Moreover, I always think several steps ahead and consider the "What if..." scenarios. It may be exhausting for others, but it keeps everyone sharp!

      Always thinking a few steps ahead

      My natural inclination to go against the current and explore new perspectives makes our collaboration truly special. My strength lies in thinking outside the box and making unexpected connections. This elevates our collaboration to a higher level.

      Challenging and enriching collaboration

      While keeping up with my "What if..." scenarios can be a challenge, I find that it brings valuable sharpness to thinking. I don't just look at the now but certainly also at future possibilities and challenges. My approach ensures that we not only react to changes but anticipate and embrace them.

      The rebel in me

      My rebellious side, according to Jung's archetype, comes to life in my work. I am not afraid to challenge conventions and embrace innovative ideas. Collaborating with me brings a breath of fresh air and a new dimension to thinking about strategy and connection.

      I strive to make our collaboration an adventure that embraces and transforms the bigger picture.


      edwin (at)
      T: +32 (0) 488 817 008

      Roos (Rose)

      The cheerful improvement process facilitator with Vachtkracht

      Meet Roos, not your everyday team member but an adorable and enthusiastic Golden Retriever pup with a special gift she brings to improvement processes. Her innocent and energetic presence adds a unique dimension to these business processes.

      Vachtkracht in Action

      With her 'Vachtkracht,' Roos engages team members in an unusual way. She's not just a visual presence; her cuddly fur and cheerful presence allow team members to physically and emotionally experience her.


      The Pup Consultant in Action

      As she frolics through the meeting room, enchanting everyone with her puppy charm, Roos helps teams get moving again and break through resistance. Her role as the 'pup consultant' demonstrates that in some situations, even the most unexpected participants can be invaluable in promoting growth and transformation in organizations.

      So, the next time you embark on an improvement process, consider involving Roos and her Vachtkracht as an unconventional but effective source of inspiration.


      Roos (Rose) @vachtkracht