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One is two. Two is one!

At Essentiedenkers, the principle is simple: one plus one really equals two, and two is just as good as one! Allow us to introduce the dynamic duo: Mirjam Goes and Edwin Claassens. With their distinct expertise, they complement each other seamlessly, challenge one another, and share a common goal: to create robust connections so that you can grow!
Edwin about Mirjam

Meet Mirjam, and you're entering the world of seamless communication. She effortlessly takes on the challenge of presenting even the most complex topics on stage. Her secret weapon? Her exceptional drawing skills! Multitasking is practically her middle name, but let's not attribute that solely to her gender, shall we? 😉 It might have more to do with the fact that, according to Jung, she's a "magician." Mirjam excels in interacting with a diverse range of individuals and always finds the silver lining in people. She's a true connector, adept at bringing people together. Her enthusiasm is incredibly contagious, and even after all these years, it continues to captivate me. I couldn't have asked for a better partner, both professionally and personally.

Mirjam about Edwin

When it comes to the big picture, Edwin is the master. He connects the dots you didn't even realise were there at first. Furthermore, he's always thinking several steps ahead and considering the "What if..." scenarios. It can be tiring at times, but it certainly keeps me on my toes! Edwin embodies the "Rebel" archetype when you look at Jung's archetypes. Something definitely shifts when you work with him. And since our mission is all about helping you navigate those shifts, I'm thrilled that he's my partner – not just in business but in our personal lives as well. He supports my decisions while occasionally offering the necessary pushback, when I give him a reason to... 😉

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