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Peeling to the core

Peeling to the core ("Pellen tot de kern") is our book (in Dutch)

Small steps together also make a big difference. But due to the issues of the day you often don't get around to doing things differently. Do you want to get more out of your organisation and yourself? But do you actually not have time to check out thick study books or do you often miss a concrete translation from theory to practice? Then "Peeling to the core" is the book for you.

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In Dutch only

This practical book (hardcover, A5, 400p.) forces you to check at least once a day what the essence of your organisation, motivation and communication is.

And that does not always have to take long. Inspiring quotes are interspersed with reflection questions, serious and light-hearted assignments. Or with 1 of the 90 theories and models that the book describes.

You simply start on the day you receive the book and a year later you have achieved a great deal. And you can achieve even more simply by starting all over again from the beginning of the book.

Because those small steps together ultimately make the big difference!

I strongly recommend it 😉. Very inspiring content to 'boost' your organisation, motivate employees and optimise communication. You can start and finish on all pages. Worth discovering #top

Steven De Smet @DeFlik

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Do you make that difference and do you want to be able to peel to the core?
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